No, you didn’t accidentally click on a Buzzfeed article—though we admit the secret to getting your company’s outbound call answered IS pretty simple.

Did you know that less than 15% of valid calls placed from enterprise call centers to customers are answered? Part of it can be due to poor timing; businesses may be working with outdated or incomplete CRM information and are not contacting customers at the right time. Or, the calls your agents are making are inadvertently blocked by carriers or mislabeled as spam. But the most common reason your company’s calls are not being answered is simply because customers are not picking up the phone.

Think about the next time you receive a phone call—what are the factors that would make you pick up? Most of us will go to great lengths to avoid answering the phone (like the hiker who ignored calls from rescuers because it was an unknown number!); so the first step in getting customers to pick up is to eliminate the element of surprise. If businesses could notify customers of exactly who is calling and why, the customer is more likely to pick up.

In fact, businesses who included identifiers on their outbound calls, such as their company name, logo, or call purpose, saw their outbound answer rates increase by 47%! Using a Trusted Caller ID allows companies to break through the noise of spam calls to reach customers.

To create a better call engagement experience with customers, we created eCallMe!—a platform that offers enterprise businesses and their call centers the ability to deliver personalized and branded caller ID experiences to a user’s mobile phone.