Get Your Good Calls Answered

Customers don’t trust phone calls anymore. Today less than 15% of valid calls from enterprises to customers are actually answered. This results in numerous contact attempts, increased operating expenditures and a frustrating customer experience. eCallMe!® helps enterprises restore their customers’ trust in the phone call and protects their customers’ identities from being compromised.

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Trusted Caller ID

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Why Sevis?

Since 1999, Sevis has helped identify and eliminate fraudulent, malicious and nefarious activity on telecom networks worldwide. Our knowledge and security expertise have been extended in robocall, spoofing, and identity protection for businesses and their customers. Our patented call verification and customer engagement solutions allow our clients to establish trust with their customers and stay ahead of the evolving threats of fraudsters and hackers.

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Benefits For Business

Trust between your brand and the customer

Protection against spoofed calls

Increased customerengagement

Reduce opportunity for fraud

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Call Verification Benefits for Carriers

Mitigate spoofing and accounttakeover fraud

Create additionalrevenue opportunities

EnhancesSTIR/SHAKEN technology

Hardens against spoofed call vulnerabilities

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