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Identity At The Core

The rise of mobile fraud is eroding consumer confidence. Standard anti-fraud measures often impact genuine customers. Too often, genuine calls and texts go unanswered due to fraud concerns. Every missed connection costs you time, money and trust. The essence of good business? Prompt, smooth communication.

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Facing These Challenges?

  • Lost revenue from unanswered calls & texts?
  • Declining trust due to complex fraud prevention?
  • Exposing customers to ever-adapting mobile threats?
  • Customers neglecting your mobile communications?

Sevis’ Delivers: Enhanced mobile engagement, fosters brand loyalty and boosted revenue.



  • Anti-Spoofing Protection
  • Boosted Call Responses
  • Enhanced Brand Security
  • Increased Customer Trust

Inbound Call Verification

  • Fresh Revenue Streams for Telcos
  • Leveraging Network Traffic
  • Verified Call Authenticity
  • Speeds up Trust

Managed Services

  • Continuous DevOps Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Turnkey Services
  • Adaptable Deployment & Monitoring
  • Ongoing Development and Enhancement support

Why Sevis?

Trust is the bedrock of communication. At Sevis, we’ve championed this cause since 1999. By collaborating with global mobile network service providers, we’ve reduced fraudulent activity while aiding businesses to connect with customers.

The pain point? Many communications are lost due to fraud fears. When customers hesitate, recognizing or expecting calls/texts becomes challenging, causing financial and trust losses.

Our conviction? Every business should seamlessly connect with its customers every single day. Our proprietary mobile engagement tools and verification systems guarantee enhanced communication speed and frequency, thus deepening trust.

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