Voice calls have been more relevant in 2021 than ever before. Unfortunately, businesses are not the only ones taking advantage of the popularity of voice calls. Spammers, fraudsters, and robocallers have also seen the rise in voice call usage and are inundating customers with unwanted calls.

In 2020, each person in the U.S. received an average of 144 spam calls (58% of which were fraudulent), and 56 million people lost money from a phone scam—a 30% increase from 2019.

In fact, 1 in 3 Americans report having ever fallen victim to phone scams. And 17% said they have fallen for scams multiple times. With spam calls being so prevalent, the FTC recommends consumers to implement call blocking, label the calls they receive as spam, or avoid answering the calls in the first place. This is a temporary band-aid for the consumer—and disastrous to legitimate businesses who rely on making outbound calls as a part of their customer service experience.

Here’s how businesses are paying the price:

Caller ID Spoofing is chipping away at their credibility.

Scammers can make any name or number show up on a user’s caller ID, so it looks like the call is local or coming from a legitimate business. A company whose number gets spoofed tends to have less trust and credibility among consumers.

Consumers are not picking up the phone—even for legitimate calls.

Many phone users have learned that the best way to avoid falling for scams is to simply ignore calls from unknown numbers. Businesses are losing millions of dollars each year because their call center agents are unable to reach customers.

Good calls are not getting through.

Network providers, and 3rd-party app developers have begun offering users various call-blocking and call-labeling technologies to help stop the barrage of unwanted calls. Unfortunately for businesses, many of their legitimate calls either get flagged as spam or are blocked completely—and the company may never know.

Fortunately for enterprise companies, there is a solution that will allow them to get their good calls answered. eCallMe! is a hybrid call verification and customer engagement platform that allows enterprises to deliver personalized and branded caller ID experiences to their customers’ mobile phones.

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