Businesses operate at the speed of trust. Spoofed calls, Robocalls, Fraudulent calls and malicious mobile identities all lead to broken trust, increased operational cost, lost revenue and undesirable customer experiences. Sevis' managed identity services rapidly identify the trustworthy calls and transactions from the untrustworthy resulting in improved customer experiences, improved operational efficiencies and new revenue generating opportunities. If you would like to learn more about how Sevis' managed identity services can generate new revenues for your business and increase the speed of trust, click the button below.

Identity Services

  • Generates new revenue.
  • Monetizes existing network traffic.
  • Verifies trustworthy calls.
  • Increases speed of trust.

Robocall Blocking Services

  • Generates new revenue.
  • Eliminates nucense calls.
  • Improves customer retention.
  • Increases network efficiency.

Fraud Detection and Elimination Services

  • Recovers lost fraud revenue.
  • Eliminates fraud calls.
  • Increases network efficiency.
  • Improves customer experience.

Why do telecom companies around the globe trust Sevis Systems?

Since 1999 our identity technology has been in the forefront of identifying and eliminating fraud and malicious activity on telecom networks. The elimination of this activity has allowed telecom network operators to recover lost revenue and increase their network's operational efficiency.

Our services:

Our services:

Increase the speed of trust

Eliminate fraud

Generate revenue

Increase customer satisfaction

Our Clients

Our Clients

This is not only talk, let our clients speak for themselves!

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