Enhanced solution introduces 100% spoof call detection, call scheduling and in-app customer call satisfaction rating.

Plano, TX – April 27, 2021 – Sevis Systems today announced new features within the eCallMe! platform that improve customer engagement and call security through in-app communications. The eCallMe! customer engagement platform now includes a call scheduling function, spoof call protection and the ability for the customer to rate their satisfaction with the call within the phone app. The latest eCallMe! capabilities help enterprises restore their customers’ trust in phone calls, protect their customers’ identities from being compromised, conveniently schedule a call and make it easy for the customer to rate the engagement experience.

The new eCallMe! functions include:

  • Call Scheduler – enables either the business or the customer to schedule and/or reschedule a call through the eCallMe! app. This capability contributes to a frictionless, self-service experience and two-way communication between the customer and the business.
  • Customer Call Satisfaction Rating – enables the enterprise to request the customer’s satisfaction with the call engagement via in-app notifications to improve personalization, service levels and trust.
  • Spoofed Call Protection – protects customers from compromising their identity and account takeover by warning them of spoofed calls in real-time.

The FCC has recently posted record fines against fraudulent companies that are utilizing spoofed calls to  sell products or services. In fact, the latest FCC action fined a telemarketer $225 million for transmitting approximately 1 billion robocalls. These spoofed calls trick people into answering because the telemarketer disguises—or spoofs—their number as one that someone would trust (banks, insurance or other familiar institutions). Sevis is the first and only solution provider to offer foolproof spoofed call protection by enabling enterprises to update their app with all the outgoing phone numbers that are used to call its customers. When a call arrives on the phone from one of these numbers, eCallMe! verifies it originated from the enterprise. If it did not, a warning “do not answer” message will be displayed on the phone. With these additional features, the eCallMe! platform is transforming trust and enhancing engagements between enterprises and their customers.

“Our customers are now calling us to ask what solutions we offer to get their outgoing calls answered and protect them against spoofing,” said Brian Conley, President of Vodex Communications. “We anticipated this would happen and have been testing and validating Sevis’ eCallMe! solution in our network for over a year. eCallMe! is the right solution at the right time and the one we highly recommend to any company looking to improve their call answer rate and security.”

“In this era of constant robocalling and spoofing, it has never been clearer that enterprises and their customers need a secure platform they can trust to communicate and conduct business on,” said Fletcher Hamilton, CEO of Sevis Systems. “We help enterprises protect their customers from nefarious activities like identity theft and account takeover, and as a result they protect their brand reputation and customer loyalty too.”

The eCallMe! product suite is carrier and device agnostic and does not harvest, share or transmit any personal information with third party firms. For ease of adoption, it is available in a mobile SDK for integration into an enterprise’s existing mobile application. For more information about eCallMe!, please visit sevis.com or call 866.668.8316.

About Sevis Systems

Since 1999, Sevis has helped identify and eliminate fraudulent, malicious, and nefarious activity on telecom networks worldwide. Our knowledge and security expertise have been extended into robocall, spoofing, and identity protection for businesses and their customers. Our patent pending call verification and customer engagement solutions allow our clients to establish trust with their customers and stay ahead of the evolving threats of fraudsters and hackers. Follow us on Twitter at @SevisSystems.